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I have a working app in english.

But when i change the language of the device to french i get an exception.

In an activity i do the following:

send(new Date.tostring());

and send it to another activity where i want to get the date back.

public method (String stringDate){
new Date(date.parse(stringDate));

This works fine as long as I'm in English mode. But when i go to the settings and change the language to French (so my app will be in french) I get an illegalargumentException, and he can't parse the string to a date.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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instead of sending string to construct date, you should use getTime() method to send milliseconds as long value. its the proper way to pass date and reconstruct it. for e.g.

to send:

long value = new Date().getTime();

to reconstruct:

Date d = new Date(value);
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Is it related to the (possibly) different date systems used in different languages/locales?

for instance:

Imagine the following date: 02/04/03
Which does it mean?
  2nd of April 2003    (European style)
  4th of February 2003 (USA style)
  3rd of April 2002

(taken from: http://www.w3.org/QA/Tips/iso-date)

Note: I've never developed for Android. This is just a guess

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