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Have opened a Java heap dump in VisualVm and I'm trying to formulate an OQL query to return all objects of a specific class (se.greger.sven.olof.node.Task) ordered by one of the objects parameters (refid). Have tried variations of the two queries provided below, but I've not succeeded so far.

Try 1

select sort(heap.objects('se.greger.sven.olof.node.Task'), 'it.refid')

Try 2

select sort(se.greger.sven.olof.node.Task, it.refid)
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My reference: visualvm.java.net/oqlhelp.html#sort –  joaerl Feb 9 '12 at 11:49

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Try this:

select map(sort(heap.objects('se.greger.sven.olof.node.Task'), 'lhs.refid - rhs.refid'), '{ ID: it.refid, obj: it }')

I expect that refid is long or int.

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