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In Spring security ui plugin/Registercontroller i register with some login crendentials...the mail is sent to email.... the registration token and username is stored in registration _code table... but the user is not created in sec_user table.

my code

   def register = { RegisterCommand command ->

    println("am before command")
    if (command.hasErrors()) {
        render view: 'index', model: [command: command]

    String salt = saltSource instanceof NullSaltSource ? null :command.username
    //String password =    
    String password=command.password
    println("lookup userclas--------------"+lookupUserClass())
    def user = lookupUserClass().newInstance(email: command.email, username: 
               command.username,password: password, accountLocked: true, enabled: true)
    println("user objct is------------------"+user)
    if (!user.validate() || !user.save()) {
        // TODO
        println("user saved-------------"+user.save())

    def registrationCode = new RegistrationCode(username: user.username).save()
    String url = generateLink('verifyRegistration', [t: 
    println("url is-----------"+url)

    def conf = SpringSecurityUtils.securityConfig
    def body = conf.ui.register.emailBody
    println("body is--------------"+body)
    if (body.contains('$')) {
        body = evaluate(body, [user: user, url: url])
    mailService.sendMail {
        to command.email
        from conf.ui.register.emailFrom
        subject conf.ui.register.emailSubject
        html body.toString()

    render view: 'index', model: [emailSent: true]

the user object is not created..... the lookupUserclass(0 value is Sec_User i am getting

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Don't you need to implement something in the TODO section ? I can't see where the actual registering is done –  flurdy Feb 9 '12 at 13:25

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If you're seeing

user saved-------------

it means the save failed. And that's probably what your problem is. For some reason, you're not creating a valid user. For example, there is no email field in the base sec_user.

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