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i am looking into PXE Boot to boot Linux from U-Boot

i am using a sollution thar resembles the PXELINUX sollution

i have one fundamental issue i dont understand about the process: the pxe client tries to get a pxe config file from a server. it looks for a file with a prefix that matches its IP, MAC or UUID. this mean the PXE server needs to keep a file for each client it wants to load (unless using default). this doesnt make sense to me. i would expect the client to get a the adress to the file based on its arch/capabilites and so on

is there a different way to specify the PXE boot cfg file ?

Thanks in advance

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Specific PXE ROM implementations may send along a machine type string ("SUNW,Ultra-250", "SUNW,Sun-Fire-T1000") with the initial DHCP request, but I guess the consumer-class industry has not been bright enough to get there yet.

The PXE ROM only downloads that one file, and it is the so-downloaded program (probably pxelinux.0 in your case) that decides what other files to download — such as config files. In other words, if you have the source to pxelinux, you can edit it to do as you like and implement a config file finding mechanism that matches your requirements.

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you are right. the file pxelinux.0 is dowloaded from the PXE DHCP server. when i start the boot process from the PXE boot server it downloads a different file "default" which is used to specify the boot process. so i dont really understand what pxelinux.0 is used for. can you give more details on that file ? i think it is binary –  Strudle Feb 13 '12 at 11:44
pxelinux.0 is the bootloader. The program that gives you the "boot:" prompt. That which you can customize via pxelinux.cfg to load a menu or whatever else. –  jørgensen Feb 13 '12 at 23:05
ok. thanks. now i get it. i think in my scenario it is redundant since i am already running u-boot which is capable of booting the system –  Strudle Feb 15 '12 at 3:30

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