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We develop a online private shopping web site works on*We sell only one-two of each product.When i have only one product in stock ı want block 2 order in same time.*But i don't know The way to do it.How can i do it?

How the privateshops do it ? lock something ? or another way ?

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Explain it one more time – Oleg Dok Feb 9 '12 at 12:05

This is a design question.

Where the actually sell is happens ? after the payment, or before the payment.

After the payment you just remove from stock the product, and you also check for stock just before the payment. You keep the stock on the database. Here there is a small lag, you can also remove at some point the stock and give some minutes for the payment -if the payment not made bring it back to stock, but there you probably loss a payment.

If you won to lock it before the payment you also need to specify in witch point, at the enter of user data ? of the press of a button ?

The trick here is to keep the stock on the database, and check the available of the product before the step that you wish to final give it.

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how can i give some minutes to user ? some sites give user 10 minutes for complate order.But if user close browser before 10 minutes how can i unterstand this ? – Ömer F Sa Feb 9 '12 at 13:14
@ÖmerFSa If the use close the browser you can only know if you have an ajax script that inform you ever some seconds, and you see that is lose the connection... or else you just wait 10 minutes. As I say is a design question, how you won to trace it. – Aristos Feb 9 '12 at 13:21

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