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I have a traditional menu that us based on this convention

<li><xp:link>menu link 1</xp:menulink></li>
<li><xp:menulink>menu link 2</xp:menulink></li>

I want to selectively render the menu link 2 based on some logic. I can render the <xp:link> fine but as the <li> is a HTML tag rather than an XPages Tag the rendering cannot be controlled.

I noticed that there is a tagName property for <xp:text> but not for <xp:link>. see :

What is the easiest way to manage this without using repeats etc ?

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I have used xp:span in the past and it has worked fine.

       <li>YOUR TEXT HERE</li>
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You can also wrap the entire <li>...</li> tag in an <xp:panel> tag that has a rendered script on it. Don't give the xp:panel an ID and no extra code is sent to the browser.

If you are using the Extlib or UP1 then you can also use the <xe:listcontainer> tag. It renders each direct child entry as a list item so you would end up with code similar to..

  <xp:link> ... </xp:link>
  <xp:link rendered="renderscript"> ... </xp:link>
  <xp:link> ... </xp:link>

In this case there is no need for you to add the <ul> or <li> tags in the code, the ExtLib will look after that for you.

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Thanks, the UP1 idea looks good. The idea of using so many panels seems very "expensive" – Sean Cull Feb 9 '12 at 15:33

Instead of the LI tag, use a panel and set the tagName to "li" (new since 8.5.3):

        <xp:link>menu link 1</xp:link>
        rendered="#{test == true}"
        <xp:link>menu link 2</xp:link>
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This works:

    <li>Static item 1</li>
    <xp:text escape="false" id="computedField1" tagName="li" rendered="false">
        <xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:'<a href="">menu link 2</a>'}]]></xp:this.value>
    <li>Static item 3</li>

You can of course compute the rendered tag on xp:text.

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If your not worried about whether or not the code shows you can always just change the class on the li systematically using ssjs

<li class="#{javascript:return myclassname;}"><xp:link>menu link 1</xp:menulink></li>
<li><xp:menulink>menu link 2</xp:menulink></li>
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