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I have a link ( anchor ) tag in a table cell on every row of an html table. On click of this anchor tag I want to use jquery ( preferably) to traverse back to the parent td and tr and get object reference to it.

how can i use jquery at best here to navigate\traverse in dom.

I can do a method like this but not sure if jquery has better ways for this.

function findRowNumber(element) 
  // element is a descendent of a tr element

  while(element.tagName.toLowerCase() != "tr") 
   element = element.parentNode; // breaks if no "tr" in path to root

  return element.rowIndex;
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This is exactly what "closest" is for.

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I am new to jQuery :) Work like a breeze! thanks. –  dotnetcoder May 28 '09 at 14:42

In the click() function for the anchor, just use these:

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.closest is neat, but was recently introduced (jQuery 1.3 or newer). If you are bound to an older version of JQuery, follow the other answer.

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