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I have a User Requirement in which a file would not be installed if a Prerequisite application is absent on users machine. But after installing my product, when user would install that Prerequisite application, he would run my installer and choose repair to install that missing file and its related registry entries.

My expectations:
I know Repair would only repair those files that would already been installed by first installation. But isn't there any workaround about this???

Any here and ther with AddLocal???

Thanks a bunch in advance.

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You can use a condition inside a component tag. Example:

<Component Id="RepairOrReinstallOnly" Guid="YourGUID" Transitive="yes">

This way the component should be only installed on repairs, modifcations and reinstalls.

But it will not be installed on the first install (INSTALLED is false) or if you do a major upgrade (UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE is true).

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your question is confusing.

you have an application containing 2 programs. When we run the installer it only installs program 1 and dont install program 2 because prerequsite is not isntalled.

Now when u install prerequisite now u want that program 2 which was not installed should be installed when u run installer again.

On a installer. there are 3 options. add remove feature, repair and uninstall. You can goto add remove feature and can select program 2 and install it.

You need to make conditions on installer that if pre-req is not installed program 2 cannot be installed. So when u try to install for the first time and u select program 2 or full install it will tell you that u cannot install this as pre-req is not there. It will only install program 1. and on running setup again it will show add remove feature option.

i hope you got the answer.

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I don't think this is feasible because when Windows Installer caches your .msi, the .cab files are removed. That means the source files which were originally skipped would not be available unless the user has kept the original installer around. It's a bit of a stretch to make that assumption.

My suggestion would be to either always install the file, or try to have your application manage the deployment of the optional file(s). I've found that any time you try to do non-standard things in the installer, it becomes far more complex to manage, and much more difficult to prevent subtle problems from creeping in.

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