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In my example I have a parent model (ModelParent) with two collections (A and B), which hold ModelA's and ModelB's respectively. There are associated views for each model (ViewParent, ViewA, and ViewB)

I would like a function in ViewA to add a new item to CollectionB.

What's the best way to do this? (couple of possibilities below):

  • Should ViewA be passed a reference to ViewParent, when it is created? How best to do this? (as far as I know there is now in build parent reference)
  • Should ViewParent be stored in the window scope, so that ViewA can refrence it like window.ViewA? (This seems wrong to me)
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Another alternative than listening directly to events from your collection, is the use of an eventBus. Derick Bailey from Los techies wrote a nice article where he introduces the idea of communication between different components (in his case views) via an eventBus.

If you are firm with coffeescript - and possibly even if you're not - you should also check this nice extension from Adam Thurlow.

Side note: If your situation simply requires communication between the two elements an eventBus is most likely overkill, although the idea is imho ultra simple. Apart from that, I am of the believe, that a central component for communication is worth the effort as it simplifies messaging, supports decoupling and gives your architecture a reliable consistency.

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I would consider thinking about it a different way. I believe it would be cleaner if you didn't have to pass references all around your views. Instead, use backbone's built in event model and keep the "add new item to CollectionB" logic inside ViewParent. When ViewParent instantiates ViewA, you could immediately bind to an event on it:

this.viewA = new ViewA({});
this.viewA.bind("some_event_that_requires_adding_to_collection", this.onViewAEvent);

Inside ViewA, whenever you want to add to CollectionB, just trigger the event:

this.trigger("some_event_that_requires_adding_to_collection", itemIWantToAdd);

Add additional arguments to the trigger call to pass them to any callback bound to the event.

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This sounds good - thanks. I'll give it a try. –  UpTheCreek Feb 9 '12 at 15:07
Both answers mention a Mediator pattern, which is great! For a background reading check out: –  Radek Feb 12 '12 at 21:33

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