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I have a parameter in my comments called total_votes (composed of integers). This is how I order comments by the most voted and apply will paginate at the same time:


  def show
    @post = Post.find(params[:id])
    @comments = @post.comments.paginate(:page => params[:page],
                                        :per_page => 5).order('total_votes DESC,
                                                               created_at DESC')


<% do |comment| %>
  <div class="comment-<%= %>">
    <%= comment.content %>
    <span class="vote-count"><%= comment.total_votes %></span>

    <div class='voted-user'>
      <% comment.votes.each do |vote| %>
        <%= link_to vote.user.username, vote.user %>
      <% end %>
    <%= link_to comment.user.username, comment.user %>
    <%= link_to "Show Post Comment", [@post, comment] %>
    <%= link_to "Vote Up", vote_up_path(comment, :votable_type => "Comment"), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up" %><br />
<% end %>

<%= will_paginate @comments %>

I would like to create a link_to action so that I can manipulate this part:

@comments = @post.comments.paginate(:page => params[:page],
                                    :per_page => 5).order('THIS_PART')

So that I can archive something like this:


and or this (order_by + will_paginate):


or something like that.

Any suggestions about how to accomplish code this in the controller and view (Please let me know if this is not the best way of doing it)?

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This Railscasts is what you want!

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thanks but I also need how to code that in the controller and view. – alexchenco Feb 9 '12 at 13:19

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