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I want to implement a simple javascript in my post.

How to add that in wordpress.

I have an image in the post and when the user clicks on the image i want to display a dropdown. I want it to be in the post. I get the image in the output and the rest of the code that means the onclick event is written as it is in the html format.

I have the code in simple html and javascript. The code is

Plz can someone help.


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If you want that to be in just one single post, you can use the "html" editor, instead of the "Visual" editor. Select the "HTML" tab, and enter

<script type="text/javascript">
// For:

function changeImg(info) {
  if (info == '') { return; }
  document.getElementById('mainImage').src = info;
  document.getElementById('SBox').style.display = 'none';

Be sure to put it in your HTML tab instead of your Visual editor.

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