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So, I have an app where users should define ActionScript functions.

What do I need to get the string whritten by the user and convert it to bytecode so that I can use it with as3-commons-bytecode?


I don't think I was clear enough. I need to turn: if(!myValue) {...}

Into this:

findpropstrict  private::myValue
getproperty     private::myValue
iffalse         L1

Because with this ^^^^ code, I can use as3-commons-bytecode to do what I need.

I took a look at this app's source code. It's very confusing, the project is old and the code is a mess, but it works. I need to find "where the magic happens". Can you show me the way?

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Programs that inspect source code and emit something that is executable in some form are generally called compilers. "Parsing" is only a subset of compiling (generally what you do at the beginning, before generating code). –  unwind Feb 9 '12 at 14:02
I thought of parsing because the as3-commons-bytecode library can receive a hole function as a bytecode string. So I only need to translate the ActionScript string to bytecode string. –  GustavoFSx Feb 9 '12 at 14:43

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You should use part of this project :


Check source , there is parser to ABC .

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what exactly want to do? To compile "string" the string must be something meanfull for the compiler such as package not a simply string ( like 'asdas ' ). If you don't wont to use flash/flex compiler you may compile AS to ABC with Ant or HAXE. But ther is a problem - how you will start this ABC?

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It's not any string, I'm expecting the contents of a static function. The ActionScript syntax will be fallowed and only a defined set of variables will be available to use. –  GustavoFSx Feb 9 '12 at 15:00
Maybe this will be usefull for you stackoverflow.com/questions/6460027/… –  Azzy Elvul Feb 9 '12 at 15:27

I'm not aware of any libraries that do this for you, but to achieve this functionality you should parse user's input into function names. For example, you can call a function just by having it's name as a String like so:

var functionName:String = "myMethod";
function myMethod():void
this[functionName](); //traces "myMethod"

Of course, if you wish to interpret advanced strings with getting/setting objects and their properties and any other user defined statements, that would require to write quite a sophisticated string-to-bytecode converter.

UPDATE: There's also AS3Eval library that might do the job. Take a look at http://eval.hurlant.com/

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That myMethod() function is not what I'm looking for. Maybe my question should be: Is there a "quite a sophisticated string-to-bytecode converter"? –  GustavoFSx Feb 9 '12 at 14:46

There is a library for Haxe which makes it possible to compile Actionscript assembly language into ABC at runtime, but this is still lower-level than the Actionscript you normally write.


The most likely solution is a server or other process which can compile and return SWF content for you. Haxe has a very fast and straightforward compiler, but it may also be possible to use Tamarin or another solution for compiling AS3 on the server.

Actually, there is a runtime library for executing Haxe code, which again, is very similar to Actionscript. Might be worth looking into:


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