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i want to show page total in all pages which is called running total in crystal report. the output will be like

Page 1

Employee Name         Salary
-------------         -------
keith                 2000
Robin                 4000
Mou                   3000

Sub Total             9000

Page 2

Employee Name         Salary
-------------         -------
Markc                 1000
Poll                  2500
Sam                   1500

Sub Total             5000

in this way sub total will come in all page. i am using table and tablix. i got a trick from this site to show page total in all pages like

In SSRS 2008, you have the Tablix control. It defaults to a Header row and a Data row. Right-click on the data row, and select Insert Row -> Outside Group - Below. Then you have a footer row that you can add to the same way was in SSRS 2005.

the url is SSRS adding a footer row to a table - CSV output

please have a look and give me right solution to achieve my output. thanks

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