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Currently my apps had been looping me into Facebook home page instead of going into the app itself. This all happen after I delete my old app that has the same canvas and I did change the codes for the ID and secret. Now I cant view my app and it will only leads me back to my own newsfeed.

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You haven't accidentally left it in sandbox mode have you? –  Igy Feb 9 '12 at 15:01
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Your problem is not 100% clear from the question. But from what I understand, here is my assumption:

You might have an authentication check code written on top of your page. Try 2 things:

  1. Remove the authentication part and try your app, to see new app in the canvas

  2. If the first step is a success, the issue is with browser cookie. Use Firefox (or another browser if you already tested in Firefox), and clear all cookies. Open facebook.com, and make sure you are not logged in. Open you app URL. Try a new facebook account id, rather than the same one you used to test.

This issue can be related to Facebook cookies. Sometimes this looping issue happens only for a particular Facebook account. It is due to Facebook session cache and usually it will be solved when you try next day. That's why I suggested to try with Different Facebook account.

good luck!

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