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I would like to do a spectral analysis for fluorescence data as it is done in this tutorial (the tutorial uses NIR data though):

However, this spectral analysis is done in Matlab and I would like to do the same thing in R. I have started looking for R packages and I found the pls package. Unfortunately, my R skills are not such that I could convert the example in the tutorial into functional R code. Can someone with great R skills please help me out on this one.

The matlab toolbox, example data and the tutorial can be downloaded here:

The R package "R.matlab" is needed to load the example (nirbeer) matlab data file.

Any direct help or linkage to other websites/posts is greatly appreciated.

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I have not heard of any automated programs for cross-interpreting Matlab code into R. I think you may need to learn to use the packages in R that offer the equivalent facilities. (Or use the R-to-Matlab facilities if you have a Matlab license, or use Octave.) I'm remembering that @cbeleites is both an SO participant and involved in active R package development along those lines. I see a couple of packages when I do a search on "Beleites spectra".

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There are some attempts to automate some Matlab-to-R conversion, like the old-school bash script you can find on SO post convert matlab code to R. In my experience it doesn't work that well for more complex code. I second @Dwin - you might have to do it the hard way. There is a great document by David Hiebele, that shows cross-references between Matlab and R. Also, I am wondering what aspects of spectral analysis you want to replicate in R? Package signal processing might be useful in any case.

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I'm just putting this comment so the question rises to the top on the Active list. This is an excellent response and I do not understand why the person that gave me an up-vote in the last couple of minutes did not also up-vote this response. – 42- Aug 22 '12 at 19:15

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