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i'm making a Facebook application (Flash) where i must invite friends. Every place i reach i found this piece of code but isn't working for me because result.request_ids is null. I need to know how many friends the user invited!!! Please help!!!


private function inviteFriends():void{
var dat:Object = new Object();
dat.message = "Let's invite friends for our Super Extra Max Facebook App, more info go to";
dat.title   = 'Super Extra Max Facebook App';
// filtering for non app users only
dat.filters = ['app_non_users'];
//You can use these two options for diasplaying friends invitation window 'iframe' 'popup'
Facebook.ui('apprequests', dat, onUICallback, 'popup');


private function onUICallback(result:Object):void{
if(result == null){
     trace('User closed the pop up window without inviting any friends');
var invitedUsers:Array  = new Array();
invitedUsers = result.request_ids as Array;
trace('You Have Invited ', invitedUsers.length,' friends');
//Simple if else if you want user to invite certain amount of friends
if(invitedUsers.length > 1){
    trace('No Good, User invited only one friend.');


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function invite(evt:MouseEvent):void
        var obj:Object = 
            message: "",
            title: ""
        Facebook.ui("apprequests", obj, cbi, "iframe");

function cbi(res):void
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The solution was to change "result.request_ids" for "". Facebook changed it. – Joaquín Fernández Feb 9 '12 at 15:22
@JoaquínFernández, you can post your own answer if you have resolved this issue :) – Lix Feb 9 '12 at 15:33
I'm new at Stackoverflow, thanks for the advice. ;) – Joaquín Fernández Feb 9 '12 at 16:08

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