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I installed m2eclipse plugin. I want to create pom.xml in my project which is not using maven. İn this site I found information below about how can I do it but it doesn't work for me.

Create a Maven POM File

If you already have an Eclipse project which is not using Maven, you can start using Maven in a project by creating a new Maven POM file. m2eclipse provides a wizard to easily create a new POM file inside an existing project. To launch this wizard, select File → New → Other..., type in "maven" in the filter field, and select Maven POM File. This POM creation wizard is shown in Figure 5, “Creating a New POM”:

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Please help me to solve this problem

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If you use eclipse indigo then simply right-click the project, select Configure > Convert to maven project. If you are not using eclipse indigo you can do something like right-click project > Maven > Enable dependency management (if I remember correctly)

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Thank you this works –  Ferid Movsumov Feb 9 '12 at 15:34

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