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Thanks to JP Hellemons my browser is now able to load the favicon of a page that's loaded.
This way, I'm able to change the icon of my Windows form to the favicon of the site.

Now I'd like to change my form-icon when the user switches tabs, to the form-icon is always the same as the visible site.

I had made a little code and put it in the SelectedIndexChanged-event.
However, when I open a new tab, my code switches tabs, creates a browser element inside the tab and then navigates to the homepage.
This results in an error when I use my code, as the favicon-method can't find the new browser yet :s

Here are my codes:
a) Retreiving the favicon
b) Changing the form-icon (I've placed this code in the SelectedIndexChanged-event method)

private void tabs_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { // tabs is the TabControl
    this.Icon = favicon(GetActiveBrowser().Url);

// this code returns the active WebBrowser-element
private WebBrowser GetActiveBrowser() {
    return (WebBrowser)tabs.SelectedTab.Controls[0];

c) The code that creates the new tab, when I press btnNewTab

private void btnNewTab_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    // new tab
    TabPage page = new TabPage("... Loading ...");

    this.Icon = Properties.Resources.loading1;
    tabs.SelectedTab = page;

    // include browser
    WebBrowser browser = new WebBrowser();
    browser.Parent = page;
    browser.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
    browser.Visible = true;
    browser.DocumentCompleted += new System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventHandler(this.browser_DocumentCompleted);
    browser.StatusTextChanged += new EventHandler(browser_StatusTextChanged);
    browser.DocumentTitleChanged += new EventHandler(browser_DocumentTitleChanged);
    browser.ProgressChanged += new WebBrowserProgressChangedEventHandler(browser_ProgressChanged);
    browser.ContextMenuStrip = contextBrowser;
} // open URL in new tab

The question is easy, the answer seems more difficult:
How can I make my form wait untill the WebBrowser element is created before seeking the favicon?

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Please avoid prefixing your question titles with "C#" or the like, that is what the tags are for. – M.Babcock Feb 9 '12 at 15:45
OK sry. Tought it was easyer to recognize like this. You don't happen to have a solution for my problem? – GroundZero Feb 9 '12 at 18:27

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