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I have to edit a pretty big XML file when a form is submitted in Drupal 7 and I've used xpath to get access to certain elements. The problem is I don't know how to overwrite the contents of the XML file using xpath, since the "directory" of the element is generated with xpath.

xml source


    <!-- branch = null or branch_ref .  !-->

    <item ref="p1"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p2"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p3"  branch="intercontinental"   ></item>
    <item ref="p4"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p5"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p6"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p7"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p8"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p9"  branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p10" branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p11" branch="null"               ></item>
    <item ref="p12" branch="null"               ></item>



    <!-- type = timeline or up ( assets.image = button_up ) or down ( assets.image = button_down ) !-->

    <page ref="p1" indice="accueil" type="timeline" cross="regular" cible="LEFT">

            <texte ref='bold' x='0' y='0' color='#FFFFFF'><![CDATA[null]]></texte>
            <texte ref="medium" x="0" y="0" color='#FFFFFF'><![CDATA[null]]></texte>    
            <texte ref="regular" x="0" y="0" color='#FFFFFF'><![CDATA[null]]></texte>

            <background url='background/image1.jpg' />
            <box color='null' x='0' y='0' w='0' h='0' alpha='0'/>
            <line color='null' x='0' y='0' w='0' h='0'/>
            <image url='null' x='0' y='0'></image>
            <video x="0" y="0" width="0" height="0">null</video> 
            <slider><!-- image url='null'></image --></slider>  


php code

foreach ($form as $key => $field) {
            $ids = explode('_', $field['#id']);
            $last = array_pop($ids);

            $value = $field['#value'];

            $XMLaccess = '';
            // Each part of the XML access string
            foreach ($ids as $i => $id_part) {
                if ($i === 2) {
                    $XMLaccess .= "[@ref='{$id_part}']";
                else if($i > 0 && $ids[$i - 1] === 'texte'){
                    $XMLaccess .= "[@ref='{$id_part}']";
                else {
                    $XMLaccess .= "{$id_part}";

                if ($i !== count($ids) - 1 && $i + 1 !== 2 && $id_part !== 'texte') {
                    $XMLaccess .= "/";

            list(, $elem) = each($XMLelement->xpath($XMLaccess));

            if($last !== 'content'){
                // print "{$XMLaccess} : {$elem[$last]}\n";

                $elem[$last] = $value;
                // print "{$XMLaccess} : " . $elem . "\n";



Thank you


I can't simply put it back in to the XML file since the new values come from a form and the way it accesses to the XML values is with the input array, which is structured this way :

<div class="form-item form-type-textarea form-item-5">
 <label for="pages_page_p1_textes_texte_bold_content">pages - page - p1 - textes - texte - bold - content </label>
 <div class="form-textarea-wrapper resizable"><textarea class="p1 form-textarea" id="pages_page_p1_textes_texte_bold_content" name="5" cols="60" rows="5">null</textarea></div>
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possible duplicate of A simple program to CRUD node and node values of xml file –  Gordon Feb 9 '12 at 17:54
the nodes returns by xpath are referenced to the dom tree so when you change their values, you are updating the dom tree as well. in other words, fetch them, edit them and then just save the dom tree back to file. –  Gordon Feb 9 '12 at 17:55
I added some context to my problem in the description. –  loeuf17 Feb 9 '12 at 19:10

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