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I have a master (linux) and a windows slave set up, and would like to build a single job both on the master and the slave. The "Restrict where this project can be run" option allows us to bind the job to a particular slave but is it possible to bind one job to the master as well as slave? How would one configure the "Build Step" since running it on Windows requires a build with Windows batch command and Linux requires shell command. For example even if the job tries to run on master and slave, wouldn't it fail at one point since both the build options (with batch and shell command) will be executed?

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Well, in Jenkins you can create groups of machine (either master or slaves), to do this :

  • click on the machine name on the first page of jenkins
  • enter in the node configuration menu
  • then, you can enter some labels in the Labels field. Let's add a mutli_platform label for example
  • go back to the first page of Jenkins
  • do it for each machine on which you need to run the job
  • go back to the first page of Jenkins
  • click on the job you want to run on multiple nodes
  • go in the configuration menu
  • check the Restrict where this project can be run and put the mutli_platform in it.

Then, your build will be able to run on the mutli_platform label.

For the second part, the multi-platform script, you can use ant builds, or python builds (with the python plugin).

EDIT: If you need to build on the 2 (or more) platforms, you should use a Matrix Job. You will be able to create a job and force it to run on every slave you need.

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Will this cause the job to build on either master or slave? I was looking for something that would build the same job on master AND slave. One way would be to create a different job and make the two jobs build on two different machines, but I don't want to duplicate a job and would like to use the same job on the master AND the slave. –  Pythomania Feb 10 '12 at 16:46
@Pythomania : I didn't understand you wanted to run on the 2 platform on each build, I edited my answer with the Matrix job which seems to be what you need. –  Cédric Julien Feb 10 '12 at 16:57
Thank you Cédric Julien, Matrix Job was what I needed :) –  Pythomania Feb 28 '12 at 1:07

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