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I'm learning backbone.js and the whole microcosmus around it now! But i'm still stunning on one Plugin : The Backbone-Relational.

On github the Documentation is really too short, not for beginner! that's how i feel it!

Do someone have a Tutorial about backbone-relational? i searched google but i really not found something going in that direction.

Thank you a lot for helping me!

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I couldn't find one either, so I've just wrote one: Backbone-relational Tutorial - Nested Models With Backbone.js

The answer to the following question can also be worth having a look at - it shows how to structure a sample Todo application with Backbone-relational: Creating nested models in Backbone with Backbone-relational

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Thanks Xavier i will read it! –  trouble Mar 27 '12 at 14:27

Recipes with Backbone, it costs $24 but it worths it.

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