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There is a nice possibility to run JUnit test with parameters where the same test method is executed multiple times with different data as described here: http://junit.org/apidocs/org/junit/runners/Parameterized.html

Unfortunately, it only seems possible to use primitive parameters or Strings, but not objects. Is there any workaround known for this?

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The type of the data() method in the use of the @Parameters annotation is List<Object[]>, so you can put in any object.

To pass in, e.g., a Money object, your array to be converted to a list would be:

{ { new Money(26, "CHF") }, { new Money(12, "USD") } }

The constructor of the test class should take a Money object as argument then.

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Use JUnitParams instead... junitparams.googlecode.com

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recently i started zohhak project. it lets you write:

   "25 USD, 7",
   "38 GBP, 2",
   "null,   0"
public void testMethod(Money money, int anotherParameter) {
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