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I want to make document printing service using GWT(javascript+servlet) and EJB. What is the best way to cause EJB to notificate GWT client about some event is happened?

Of course, I can make it with using Timer (send request to EJB with some interval), but may be exist some more elegant way? (for example with callback, but I dont understand how to release it).

P.S.: I will use multitier architectur: JavaScript(GWT)+Servlet(GWT RPC)+EJB. And i working on document printing service (i want to notificate client that some file(s) is printed (also will be good if you give me advice of making progress bar)).


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You have multiple options:

-Polling (e.g. using timer to send requests to the server)

-WebSockets (server can directly notify the client about changes, but sockets aren't supported in IE family yet)

-Some framework, which just magically does stuff for you (for example gwt-comet)

Personally I would use polling, because may be it is slow and doesn't use server resources effectively, but it is the most stable one.

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thanks for answer, but some people advised me to use callbacks if it possible... If you understand this idea, can you explain more depth about it? –  MyTitle Feb 9 '12 at 17:24
@Hello I don't really sure what some people meant by use callbacks if it possible. You will be using a lot of callbacks, if you going to communicate with server from GWT app. So i think you have to ask those people again, cause what they said for GWT means the same as "use variables as much as possible" –  jusio Feb 9 '12 at 17:39

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