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On visual studio I can create a DataSet of my SQLite database by doing:

1) Connect to sqlite database file and create a table

enter image description here

2) Add new DataSet to my solution (DataSet2.xsd)

enter image description here

3) Drag tables to the designer

enter image description here

Now how can I make use of the objects that visual studio created for me?

for example I am trying to do something like:

        DataSet2.TableTestDataTable t = new DataSet2.TableTestDataTable();
        var objects = t.GetObjectData(..// do not know how to use it


        DataSet2TableAdapters.TableTestTableAdapter t = new DataSet2TableAdapters.TableTestTableAdapter();
        var data = t.GetData(); 

        var q = from a in data
                select a;

        foreach (DataSet2.TableTestRow row in q)
            row.integer = 12345; // change value of column integer               
        t.submitchanges(); // method does note exists
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can you use a DataReader instead DataReaders are much faster than DataSets and consume less memory. –  MethodMan Feb 9 '12 at 17:20
Here is a link that will help you to get at what you are wanting to do better in my opinion eggheadcafe.com/community/csharp/2/10015984/… –  MethodMan Feb 9 '12 at 17:22
Yeah I can use Data reader. I want to avoid typing queries in a string. I prefer dealing with objects than with "Select * from..." should I use regular sql commands instead and pass string queries? –  Tono Nam Feb 9 '12 at 17:50
Even better why not create a storedProc.. –  MethodMan Feb 9 '12 at 18:05

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    DataSet2TableAdapters.TableTestTableAdapter t = new DataSet2TableAdapters.TableTestTableAdapter();

    DataSet2 ds = new DataSet2();

    foreach (DataSet2.TableTestRow row in ds.TableTest.Rows)
        row.integer = 12345; // change value of column integer               


Something like that ....

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var q = (from a in data
        select a).ToArray();

And instead of t.SubmitChanges(); use t.Update(q);.

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