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I have a page that uses jqGrid with grids as subgrids. I also have jQuery UI slider control on my page. When the user changes the slider, I want to trigger a search on a field for the subgrid(s) which corresponds to the values behind the slider.

I've been looking at the documentation to try and find the best way to do this, but find this documentation very confusing. It also seems to be geared towards making another call to the server, which I don't want to do since I'm using loadonce: true.

I've been able to acheive a work-around by iterating over the subgrid rows and calling hide() on the rows that don't meet the criteria, but this does not hold up to pagination. What would be the best way to perform this type of externally triggered search on a subgrid?

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I found a solution by reverse engineering the triggerToolbar method in the jqGrid source file (the pattern '[id^=grid_GR][id$=_t]' matches my subgrid IDs):

function external_subgrid_search() {
    var ruleGroup = '{"groupOp":"AND","rules":[{"field":"Inv","op":"bw","data":"25"}]}';
    $('[id^=grid_GR][id$=_t]').each(function () {
        var p = $(this).getGridParam('postData');
        p.filters = ruleGroup;
        $(this).setGridParam({ postData: p, search: true }).trigger("reloadGrid", [{ page: 1}]);            

This will do the same thing as if I had entered '25' into the search toolbar for the field 'Inv'. Keep in mind that this is VERY stripped down. It ignores any beforeSearch or afterSearch functions you may have defined and assumes you have local data. But, hopefully it can act as a starting point for anyone else trying to do something similar.

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