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I am looking to review my code for inefficiencies, is there a way to easily profile controller actions... perhaps printing all the sql statements that are executed?

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Can you use the SQL Server Profiler? I used this recently for my web application so I could see what queries were being executed by the identity of my application.

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This is a very cool tool linqpad to view the produce sql

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I would recommend MVC-Mini-Profiler. Works very nice and gives you the results in your browser. See also Scott Hanselman's article.

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As the others said, SQL Profiler gives you the queries.

However - if you want more detail into whats going on with EF (since you tagged as Entity Framework) there is this great tool: http://efprof.com/

There are other alternatives as well: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/gg490349.aspx

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I've had good results using EF Tracing and Caching Provider (for which a community branch can be found on NuGet). Once set up, all SQL executed is sent to the Windows Debug output, so you can just use DbgView or similar to see what's going on.

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