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I'm attempting to do something like the following:

INSERT INTO `File` (`Name`, `Owner`) 
SELECT @File, `Users`.Id
FROM `Users`
WHERE `Users`.`Name` = @UserName

However, if there is no match in the Users table, I would like it to still insert the file but with a null value. So like performing a LEFT JOIN on the Users table with ON replacing the WHERE. But I can't just use a LEFT JOIN because I don't have a table to join it to. Can anyone help me out in how I could do this without breaking it into two separate queries?

This is specifically for SQLite.

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Maybe something like this could do the trick:

INSERT INTO `File` (`Name`, `Owner`) 
SELECT @File, `Users`.Id
FROM (SELECT @UserName as Name) notable
left join `Users` on `Users`.`Name` = notable.Name
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Not quite how I would like it, but it works. I wish there was a way to do this without a subquery, but if it works it works. –  Kevin Fee Feb 10 '12 at 20:19

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