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I'm using the basic CSS3 function transform: rotate(360deg) ; on an image which gets an ID. But, on Chrome and Safari, when this image is rotating one of my DIV suddenly disapear.

Here is my code :

-moz-transform: rotate(360deg) ; 
-webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);
-o-transform: rotate(360deg); 
-ms-transform: rotate(360deg); 

-webkit-transition: all 1s ease-in-out;
-moz-transition: all 1s ease-in-out;
-ms-transition: all 1s ease-in-out;
-o-transition: all 1s ease-in-out;
transition: all 1s ease-in-out;

Would you have any idea where it is coming from ?

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Can you add the CSS for the disappearing div? –  Alex Morales Feb 9 '12 at 19:26
We would need to see the code for the disappearing div before anyone in the community can help you. –  Jules Mazur Jan 3 '13 at 3:07
It doesn't seem to happen that. I've tried with this: jsfiddle.net/xVxnD Please add more information of your problem. You can edit the fiddle and reshare. –  fernandopasik Feb 4 at 5:18

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