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I have a ListGrid with 3 columns, one is hidden but it doesn't change anything to the problem. I want to group on the value of the 3rd and hidden field, a date. When this Date is not present (null) I want to put the record in the "Actual Projetcts" group else they go in the "Closed projects" group. It works BUT I want to have the group Actual Project first and I try a lot of thing with the sort direction of the field and the grid and also with baseTitle I return. It never change I always have the group with the non null value first. Am I missing something? is ther somebody who experienced with group order?

   final int groupClosed = 2;
    final int groupActual = 1;

    colonneDate.setGroupValueFunction(new GroupValueFunction() {  
        public Object getGroupValue(Object value, ListGridRecord record, ListGridField field, String fieldName, ListGrid grid) {  
            Date laDate = (Date)value;            
            if(laDate == null) {  
                return groupActual;  
            } else {  
                return groupClosed;  
    colonneDate.setGroupTitleRenderer(new GroupTitleRenderer() {

        public String getGroupTitle(Object groupValue, GroupNode groupNode,
                ListGridField field, String fieldName, ListGrid grid) {
            final int groupType = (Integer) groupValue;
             String baseTitle ="";

            switch (groupType){
            case groupActual:
                 baseTitle ="Actual Projects";
            case groupClosed:
                  baseTitle ="Closed Projects";

            return baseTitle;

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Try having a look at my answer [here][1]. [1]: – Christian Achilli Jan 30 '14 at 21:53
Sorry but I'm not working anymore on this project and don't have any access to the sources to try. Thanks anyway – Alain BUFERNE Feb 13 '14 at 11:53

I think you can sort your ListGrid on your colonneDate like this :

SortSpecifier sortSpecifier = new SortSpecifier("colonneDateFieldName", SortDirection.ASCENDING);
SortSpecifier[] sortSpecifiers = { sortSpecifier };
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