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I have the following in my routes.rb:

resources :users do
 resources :decisions

/users/new works fine, but /users/:id/decisions/new gives me:

No route matches {:controller=>"decisions", :format=>nil}

<%= link_to "New decision," new_user_decision_path(@user) %> gives me the same error.

I've looked in my rake routes and the action and the helper are listed. All of the actions listed have a (.:format) suffix option, but I don't understand how all of my DecisionsController actions are working fine without a format option except 'new'.

How is :format set to nil and what is its default?

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it looks like you used a singular decision in your url when it should be decisions. Your url should be /users/1/decisions/new.

However, you should be using a named route to stop this from happening. You should see something like new_user_decision via rake routes. You can then use the new_user_decision_path for all of your links.

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Thanks, jcm. Fixed the typo and added a little info as per your url helper suggestion. –  eeeeeean Feb 9 '12 at 19:10

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