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I would like to modify my extension's popup dynamically (at run-time). And want to specify a custom popup HTML file that's loaded from my server.

In Firefox, I can easily accomplish this with XUL overlays which I can specify at run-time. And document.loadOverlay() does allow me to specify a 'remote' URL for the overlay.

Is the same possible in Chrome?

I've been playing with chrome.browserAction.setPopup( details ) API, but it seems that the details.popup param must specify a local file, and not a remote URL.

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I have answered this exact same question on the Chromium-Extensions mailinglist.

There is no API to load external popups but you can do that with plain JavaScript. What you could do (I have done that in the past):

  • Use an iframe + extension messaging within the popup. The iframe points to some external url not hosted in the extension.
  • Use templates (jQuery templates example), load those template files to your background page, and just use them to construct your popup.
  • Download the html contents using XHR and load them within the popup by constructing the DOM.

I usually use the template approach, but I use the popup iframe approach when I want to manage the entire popup in the server side so I don't have to push updates to the extension gallery. I am not a fan of downloading the HTML contents, templating seems safer.

Hope this helped!

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Could you add a link to the mailinglist archive with the mentioned post? –  Tobo Aug 21 '14 at 10:13
@Tobo, I updated the post and added the link to the mentioned article. –  Mohamed Mansour Dec 17 '14 at 22:38

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