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I'm developing a site which will have a 2-3 columns depending on the page.

Mobile support is important and we're already handling orientation changes on iOS/Android/others.

The viewport is initially sized to fit the width of one column. Most mobile browsers have "sticky" horizontal scrolling to make it easier to scroll up/down a column (minor left-right drags are ignored after significant up/down scrolling).

What I'd like is that once the users starts scrolling left/right that the scroll would "stick" again at the next column.

I don't know if this is even possible?

The alternative would be for us to size the page to the viewport with overflow:auto; and handle the scrolling ourselves. I imagine this would be more reliable cross-browser but it feels a little hacky and like it might be a lot of effort to polish properly.

Has anyone seen anything like this / have any suggestions?

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We eventually implemented something very similar to that discussed in this question except with both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

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