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NexusConnectedClients = []

class Thread1(NexusCore.Thread):
    def Run():
        global NexusConnectedClients
        if(IncomingCommand == "ADDCLIENT"):
            NewClientOBJ = [
        elif(IncomingCommand == "LISTCLIENTS"):

When i add an client, it is ok. When i read the NexusConnectedClients variable, it is add to the list. But when i run the LISTCLIENTS function, the list is empty. What is wrong?

I Simplified the code a bit. all the variables are set and all other global variables work as they should.

EDIT I found the mistake, nothing wrong with this code but another function deleted the element from the NexusConnectedClients array

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If you've solved the problem, please answer it and accept your own answer so it can be marked as resolved – David Robinson Feb 13 '12 at 19:23

You don't need to declare NexusConnectedClients as global since it is visible in the run method. A variable must be declared global when you want to (re)bind a name in the global scope. When a variable is modifiable, and lists are, just modify it.

Instead what you have to do is to regulate the access to the NexusConnectedClients. You are modifying a shared variable inside a thread, maybe more than one. Use a lock. Said that, I think nothing more could be said in a such small snippet.

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tried it, didn't solve the problem. It's very strange. Sometimes it does save the element. Sometimes not. Very strange. but 1 of the client applications works always as it should, others don't. – alpjef Feb 12 '12 at 18:24
@alpjef: the code is too short to trying to investigate the problem. Where are the variables,IncomingCommand, Args, etc., coming from? Are they managed by some thread? For what I can see, the SendResponse could do something like this: NexusConnectedClients[:] = []. Take a look at sscce.org and most important, it should be self contained. – mg. Feb 13 '12 at 9:52
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Solved the problem. Didn't remove an line of code from previous testing. That line resetted the array

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