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i have a not that common problem/question

What I try to do:

  1. Listen to KeyEvents from a modified Android Softkeyboard (atm, the Softkeyboard from the samples) ==> this already works, implemented a simple listener that does the job
  2. But than i want to process the information only if i'm in a specific application!

So my idea was to add a listener to the Keyboard when I start my Application/Activity and not directly in the "onCreate" method of the Keyboard (like i do it now)

But I can't get it working. Is there any possibility to get the instance of the Keyboard just running or something like that?

Another possibility would be to listen to all of these events (as mentioned before add the listener in the "onCreate" method of the Keyboard), but then i need to find out in which EditText field or whatever i'm currently in. Only found EditorInfo attribute.packageName which tells me the package of the application i'm in.


public void onPress(int primaryCode) {
    fireKeyPressed(primaryCode, System.currentTimeMillis());

private void fireKeyPressed(int primaryCode, long time){
    for(KeyboardListener l : listeners){

atm nothing fancy

Activity: what i would "like" to do:

KeyEventInputListener l = new KeyEventIntputListener();
SoftKeyboard sk = SoftKeyboard.getInstance();


I hope I could make clear what I'm trying to do :)


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I don't think that's something you could or should do in IME, input methods are designed to appear as abstract as possible to activities using them. –  devmiles.com Feb 9 '12 at 21:52
"solved" the problem now with an database both program parts can access. listener saves all keystrokes to the database the "analyzing" part fetches the keystrokes depending on start and stop time of the input –  Lobo Feb 12 '12 at 14:03

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