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We're developing a web application in PHP and delivering it either on-premise or in the cloud. Cloud servers are Linux, whereas most on-premise customers are on Windows platforms.

For on-premise customers we are distributing an Apache/PHP stack and I would like to have push functionality in the system. Doing long polling in an Apache/mod_php setting might work for on-premise customers, but it's big no-no for scalability in the cloud.

I have been looking around at most Comet server implementations and it looks like they either:

  • Are heavyweight and complex (CometD)
  • Are single-platform (APE)
  • Depend on a whole different platform (Orbited)
  • Or don't look very maintained (nginx + http_push_module)

I would love to run into something like memcached for push: light, fast and cross platform, but I haven't been able to.

Suggestions, anyone? Thanks!

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I am still in the early learning phase of Comet programming, but since you have yet to receive any answers I'll try to help by suggesting Node.js + Socket.IO. To keep descriptions simple... Node.js is basically an event-driven, non-blocking web server and Socket.IO is a WebSocket emulator (and much more)... perfect for Comet development.

Also, if you are interested in using a third party hosted service, Pusher seems to be pretty cool.

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