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I had created an animation with raphael script. The animation works fine, but I want to have a function that pause it and start it in the same place that it's pause I found this script on raphaels homepage, but dont really know how to implement it.

    elproto.stop = function (anim) {
        for (var i = 0; i < animationElements.length; i++) if (animationElements[i].el.id == this.id && (!anim || animationElements[i].anim == anim)) {
            if (eve("anim.stop." + this.id, this, animationElements[i].anim) !== false) {
                animationElements.splice(i--, 1);
        return this;

I know ofcourse that i should modify the string, but since In a beginner I get stuck already on elproto.stop ..

This is my function that starts my animation

function moveRect1()

if( xEnd == 150 )
xEnd = 50;
xEnd = 150;

rect1.animate( {x: xEnd},                   
function (){ moveRect1(); } 


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Well. I figured it out at last. Just used this funtion function stopRect1() { rect1.pause(); }; –  Dymond Feb 10 '12 at 8:31

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