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I'm trying to raise 2 exceptions when one of my variables is bigger than 13 or less than 1 also I want to raise exception if the type of my card is not one of the defined one. this is my code :

require "../lib/suit"
class Card
    attr_reader :suit,:number
 def initialize(suit,number)
     raise "CardNumberNotValid" if 1>number>13
     raise "SuitNotValid" if suit!=Suit::CLUB or suit!=Suit::HEART or suit!=Suit::DIAMOND or suit!=Suit::SPADE

and this is my test:

require "rspec"
require "../lib/suit"
require "../lib/card"

describe Card do

  it "should check if card number is between 1 and 13" do
    expect{,14)}.to raise_error("CardNumberNotValid")

The result is below :


1) Card should check if card number is between 1 and 13 Failure/Error: expect{,14)}.to raise_error("CardNumberNotValid") expected Exception with "CardNumberNotValid", got #' for false:FalseClass> # ./card_spec.rb:8

Finished in 0.00064 seconds 1 example, 1 failure

Failed examples:

rspec ./card_spec.rb:7 # Card should check if card number is between 1 and 13

can you please help ?

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Does not work in Ruby. Use something like:

number.between?(1, 13)
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Thanks , I didn't notice that :) I'm new to Ruby – Bamdad Dashtban Feb 9 '12 at 20:38

If you raise an error in ruby without a type:

raise "My pink pig"

ruby is going to raise a RuntimeError with "My pink pig" as a message (assuming that you aren't already processing an error, in which case the new error will have the same type).

You should probably be expecting your error differently:

expect{,14)}.to raise_error(RuntimeError, "CardNumberNotValid")
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Thanks but it is not working same error got #<NoMethodError: undefined method `>' for false:FalseClass> – Bamdad Dashtban Feb 9 '12 at 20:33

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