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I'm having an issue with Hibernate (through seam) returning a named query that seems to have cache values. My code changes a single column in a single row, updating it with a new value. I use sQLQuery.executeUpdate() (after building the query) and can confirm after this that the value is updated in the database.

However, after calling the method that runs the named query again, the query is not returning the new data, instead it return's exactly the same results as just before. If I change the data enough so that it returns an extra row, it then returns the correct data (because I assume it is now going to the database).

Does anyone know how I can go about tracking down the issue? I believe it is the cache, but am not sure what i need to evict?! I have tried using hibernateSession.flush() as well but this didn't work either.

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flush() is for putting what's in memory into the database. To wipe out what's in memory you want clear(). I don't know anything about what seam does by default with L2 caching, so without seeing the config and the query can't tell if you're problem is an entity in L1 cache or a query result in L2 cache. –  Affe Feb 9 '12 at 20:57
Thanks for that, clear() worked to a degree, it had the same effect as evicting each of the objects one by one, but the conversation itself is still holding old data and the way it's designed I can't simply end it and start a new one, thanks for your help though! –  dann.dev Feb 9 '12 at 21:44
"easiest" thing it probably to look real closely at the business rules and see if you can't achieve the required functionality through the 'normal' way of manipulating in memory entities and toss the sql query entirely –  Affe Feb 9 '12 at 22:01

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