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Need help with the codeigniter, I think file_exists is for server path, not for url. but my image folder got same level with application and system folder. find nothing on google, please help

if (file_exists($filename)){
    echo "<li><img src=\"".$url."upload/$id.jpg\" width=\"40\" height=\"40\" /></li>";
    echo "<li><img src=\"http://www.mydomain.com/haha/image/noimg.png\" width=\"40\" height=\"40\" /></li>";
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One thing, file_exists is for server paths, not urls. So you wouldn't use base_url(), you'd use APPPATH –  Ben Feb 9 '12 at 21:04

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Codeigniter is always running on index.php, so all paths are relative from there. You can use any of the following, assuming upload/ is at the same level as index.php:

  • file_exists("upload/$id.jpg")

  • file_exists("./upload/$id.jpg")

  • file_exists(FCPATH."upload/$id.jpg")

FCPATH is a constant that Codeigniter sets which contains the absolute path to your index.php.

As a side note, I prefer is_file() when checking files, as file_exists() returns true on directories. In addition, you might want to see if getimagesize() returns FALSE to make sure you have an image.

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thanks, i got it work –  will.i.am Feb 9 '12 at 21:17
This is perfect –  Script Shiva Nov 27 '13 at 11:23
This does not work always. –  user3355243 Jul 15 at 17:27

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