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I have a scene, a main layer and a child layer, the main layer contains a Player* object which is a subclass of CCSprite, I want to pass the Player into the child layer like so:

BattleLayer* b = [[BattleLayer alloc] initWithPlayer:_player];
[((CCScene*)self.parent) addChild:b];

-(id)initWithPlayer:(Player *)p
    if((self=[super init]))
        _player = p;
        [self addChild:_player.spriteSheet];
    return self;

However, this gives an error when I do [self addChild:_player.spriteSheet];

*** Assertion failure in -[BattleLayer addChild:z:tag:]

I've tried removing the sprite from the main layer before passing it in, but even with cleanup:NO this gives an error of

*** -[CCSpriteBatchNode tag]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x747a580

What am I doing wrong here? And what's the best way of achieving this?

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I've run in to this before and retained and then released after reordering. My objects were autoreleased and retained only by the CCLayer so this worked, Try:

[_player retain];
[_player removeFromParentAndCleanUp:YES];
[self addChild:_player];
[_player release];

However I have run into a bug with rapid removal and re-adding of sprites and it is described here:

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I can see one of three things causing an addSprite assertion failure.

  • p is nil
  • p.spriteSheet is nil
  • or finally, p.spriteSheet already has a parent (ie spriteSheet has already been added to a CCNode beforehand)
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So what do I do if p.Spritesheet has a parent? [_player.spriteSheet removeFromParentAndCleanup:YES]; isn't helping – RSH1 Feb 10 '12 at 18:39

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