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I'm LZMA-decompressing a resource file which I earlier compressed using lzma e <infile> <outfile> -lc0 -lp2 from the terminal and imported to my project. However when applied to this file LzmaDec_DecodeToBuf returns 1 in the first iteration, i.e. LZMA data error. (Also by which time inLen is always 5, outLen is 0.)

Why is that?

My code reads:

SRes static decompress(FILE *inFile, FILE *outFile)
  // Position the inFile pointer at the start.
  fseek(inFile, 0, SEEK_SET);

  // Read in LZMA properties (5 bytes) and uncompressed size (8 bytes, little-endian) to header.
  char unsigned header[LZMA_PROPS_SIZE+8];
  fgets(header, sizeof(header), inFile);
  CLzmaDec state;
  SRes res = LzmaDec_Allocate(&state, header, LZMA_PROPS_SIZE, &SzAllocForLzma);

  if (res != SZ_OK) {
    // Free all allocated structures.
    LzmaDec_Free(&state, &SzAllocForLzma);
    return res;

  char unsigned inBuf[IN_BUF_SIZE];
  char unsigned outBuf[OUT_BUF_SIZE];

  ELzmaStatus status;
  long unsigned outLen = sizeof(outBuf);
  long unsigned inLen = sizeof(inBuf);
  long unsigned inPos = ftell(inFile);

  while (fgets(inBuf, sizeof(inBuf), inFile) != NULL) {
    inLen = MIN(sizeof(inBuf), MAX(ftell(inFile)-inPos, 0));
    outLen = sizeof(outBuf);

    SRes res = LzmaDec_DecodeToBuf(&state,
// continues...
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Crystal ball foggy. Try debugging and see where it goes wrong. But in all seriousness, this is a very difficult issue to try and internet debug. Perhaps you're missing or added a header to the data? Perhaps you are passing in garbage? Perhaps you've accidently stomped some of its data. Debugging might point you in the right direction, but I wish you luck. – Michael Dorgan Feb 9 '12 at 22:21

Are you sure the input is not a 7zArchive? That would need calls to SzArEx_Open and SzArEx_Extract.

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This is a rather old post to be replying to, however I ran into this same problem.

The issue is that the header is NOT supposed to be a part of the data you are decompressing. The solution is to start at sizeof(header) instead of 0, when reading the data, and don't forget to also adjust it's total length by sizeof(header) as well.

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