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When importing using the drush migrate-import command, all nodes created are owned by anonymous. I would like them to be owned by the admin user or some other user.

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There are several ways to go about this but this is probably the quickest:

  1. On the mysql command line, or drush sqlc, find the highest node id before importing:

    SELECT MAX(nid) FROM node;

  2. Import your nodes.

  3. Find the uid of the user you want to set the owner to.

    SELECT uid FROM user WHERE name = 'Admin';

  4. Issue an update query to bulk update the nodes:

    UPDATE node SET uid = x WHERE nid > y;

    Where x = uid of admin user, and y = max nid+1

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The question is about CSV, not SQL! – develCuy Jun 17 '13 at 22:46

If you're using the GUI to import by .CSV, you may need a custom script like the one suggested above.

The more flexible way is to use the migrate module(newet version), and set up a migration class and where you perform mappings, do this.


The default value of '1' should be the UID of whatever the user you want to be the author.

Make sure you look at the included beer and wine migration examples the come with the module

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