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In your opinion, what is the best library to crunch data AND build the web based reports in this context:

  • Data: documents in MongoDB, less than 1M documents, time is a key dimension in the data
  • Framework: Rails (but I'm opened to others)

There are tons of Javascript data visualization libraries, but ideally I'm looking for something that integrates "off-the-shelf" with MongoDB, and that uses modern technologies (HTML5) vs. old (Flash).

If I don't find anything MongoDB specific, I might go with either Google Chart or D3.js, which looks awesome but maybe too "young".

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Since you already specified D3.js, i heartily recommend Cube Time series visualization tool kit that built on

  • Mongodb
  • D3
  • Node
  • websocket

Its still in early development. But looks very promising. And one of the cool feature is it packed with websocket, this will be a interesting choice for real time data visualization for web. Have a look

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Yes, I had already checked Cube. It looks extremely promising, but there are two showstoppers for me at this stage: 1/ no access control (charts are either internal, or totally public) 2/ charts are limited to simple lines (no pie, etc.). But the design of Cube is exactly the kind of library I'm looking for. – Blacksad Feb 10 '12 at 14:56

If you use MoSQL,https://github.com/stripe/mosql, you can make your database a PostgresSQL instance and connect to Chartio. Then you can use SQL to query your data.

You can see how MongoHQ is connecting their MongoDB data into Chartio here, http://chartio.com/blog/2014/02/mongodb-with-chartio

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