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A WinForms program I have developed prints fine and as expected when run as an interactive user. Using the same account but as a scheduled task, the process will run correctly however it prints part of the output in the incorrect font.

The program is a label printer that prints updated pricing labels. It has an option (-s) that the Task Scheduler calls which does not present the GUI but does an update and prints. Executing this as an interactive user through run works correctly (i.e. the correct font is used).

Any clues as to what's happening here? The font that isn't printing correctly is a non-standard system font.

This runs on a server and I thought it might be due to printer redirection but I did a console logon and it worked fine as an interactive process on the console just as it does as interactive through remote desktop.

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Running something as a scheduled task doesn't mean that it isn't running in interactive mode. –  Cody Gray Feb 10 '12 at 2:22

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Interesting problem. Presumably, Windows doesn't load fonts into the non-interactive logon sessions in order to conserve resources.

See this answer for one approach, using the ps tool to create an interactive session when running the task.

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