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Hi I would like to know how to get the current TranslateX of a css3 animation.

I have this animation:

@-webkit-keyframes pictureTransition {
    from,5% {-webkit-transform:translateX(0px);}
    10%,25% {-webkit-transform:translateX(-1024px);}
    30%,45% {-webkit-transform:translateX(-2048px);}
    50%,65% {-webkit-transform:translateX(-3072px);}
    70%,85% {-webkit-transform:translateX(-4096px);}
    90%,to {-webkit-transform:translateX(-5120px);}

and I have a button that when clicked, will get the current translateX in the animation and save it in a variable for further use. Any ideas?

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Here is how I would do it:

Code used from: Get the value of -webkit-transform of an element with jquery

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You should be able to get the current translateX value with this:

var transformX = new WebKitCSSMatrix(window.getComputedStyle([YOUR ELEMENT HERE]).webkitTransform).m42;

This way you don't have to split the string and all that jazz... m42 is the matrix value for X, m41 is the matrix value for Y

See this link for more info.

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You're wrong. M41 is the matrix for X value. – OzZie Sep 18 at 8:11

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