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As the title indicates, does android use database to store the meta information of ringtone? like the path of ringtones. Otherwise, how could RingtoneManager.getCursor() return a Cursor pointing to all ringtone ?

PS, how to write a ContentProvider for files, e.g., ringtone? I see so many examples only talk about how to deal with database, but none of them are dealing with files. One method I can come out is using database to store the path of files, then manipulate the files with the path.

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If the files are on external storage, or not in a resource, then storing the path in a database makes sense, so why not go for what may be a good approach and not worry how others do it. – James Black Feb 10 '12 at 2:40
@JamesBlack, thanks. I just want to know what is the common way to create a contentprovider for files. I will give that a try. – Xin Liu Feb 10 '12 at 2:55

You can use the standard content providers for audio media:


The table column IS_RINGTONE marks those used as a ringtone.

Ref.: android developer reference

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