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I have jwPlayer on my page and the following markup:

div class="block_video">
    <div class="slider_video" id="slider_video">
        <div class="navigation_container">
            <div class="navigation">
                <ul class="thumbs">
                    <% foreach (var publicationVideo in Model.PublicationVideos)
                    <li><a id='<%=publicationVideo.PathToVideo %>' data-isurl="<%=publicationVideo.IsUrl %>" href="/assets/images/i/2.jpg" class="thumb" title="<%=Model.Name %>">
                        <img  src="/assets/images/video-content.png" width="49px" height="41px" />
                        <div class="caption">
                            <div id="video_player">
                            <div class="caption_video">
                                <%=Model.Name %></div>
                    <% } %>
                <!-- .thumbs-->
            <!-- .navigation-->
        <!-- .navigation_container-->
        <div class="slideshow">
            <div class="render">
            <div class="caption-container">
        <!-- .slideshow-->
    <!-- .slider_video-->
<!-- .block_video-->

It's looks as follows: enter image description here

When page is load all works fine(first video was load). But when I click on another video(on image) then player is dissapper. If I click again then player is apper. And another problem: When I click on all images twice, then when I click for example on the first, it plays the previous loaded file, click once again plays the correct file.

This is my JS:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
        var isUrlOnReady = $(".block_video a").attr("data-isurl");
        var providerOnReady;
        if (isUrlOnReady === "True")
            providerOnReady = "youtube";
            providerOnReady = "http";

        loadPlayer('<%=Url.Action("GetVideo", "Video", new {videoName = Model.PublicationVideos[0].PathToVideo}) %>', providerOnReady);           

        $(".block_video a").click(function () {
            var isUrl = $(this).attr("data-isurl");
            var fileName = $(this).attr("id");
            var provider;
            var path;

            if (isUrl === "True") {
                provider = "youtube";
                path = fileName;
            else {
                provider = "http";
                path = '<%=Url.Action("GetVideo", "Video", new {videoName = -1}) %>';
                path = path.replace("-1", fileName);

            loadPlayer(path, provider);


// load player
function loadPlayer(fileName, provider) {
        flashplayer: '<%=Url.Content("~/assets/js/jwplayer/player.swf")%>',
        file: fileName,
        height: 173,
        width: 210,
        provider: provider,
        controlbar: 'bottom'
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Why are you trying to reinitialize the player every time? Use its API and submit to player URL of the media file. Simple example:

$(document).ready(function () {
        flashplayer: 'player.swf',
        height: 173,
        autostart: true,
        width: 210,
        controlbar: 'bottom'
<div id='player'></div><br />
<div class='media'>video.mp4</div>
<div class='media'>video2.mp4</div>

Without autostart: true you can load media and play it as

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