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I am trying to create a variation of my handheld device layout to a tablet version. I initially chose one of my screens and in the Layout editor i chose qualifiers for 7" tablet of w1024dp and landscape. now it auto generated a folder called layout_w1024dp-land and made a copy of file i was using. issue is when i install on my kindle I get the original layout for mobile device and not the tablet layout.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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If you follow this link you will see that you are doing it right, but that devices that are pre Android-3.2 (including the Kindle which is a 2.X variant) will not recognize that folder:

However, this won't work well on pre-3.2 devices, because they don't recognize sw600dp as a size qualifier, so you still have to use the xlarge qualifier as well. So, you should have a file named res/layout-xlarge/main.xml which is identical to res/layout-sw600dp/main.xml. In the next section you'll see a technique that allows you to avoid duplicating the layout files this way.

More info on how to deal with the issue if you follow the link.

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