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So I read this guide a while ago and I stopped using semicolons after every line statement in Javascript.

I want to show my SaaS application to a company hoping for some contract work. Most of the work is done in Javascript and I don't want the company to simply copy my JS code (and figure out the rest). So I wanted to pack it (with Base62 encode).

Here is a sample of my code:

    var options = {
        averageCenter  : true,
        gridSize       : 40,
        maxZoom        : 16,
        imagePath      : 'common/images/m',
        imageExtension : 'png'

    var marker_cluster = new MarkerClusterer( MAP, MARKERS, options )

        function( markers, numStyles ) {
            var index = 0
            var count = markers.length.toString()

            if     ( count < 5  ) index = 1
            else if( count < 20 ) index = 2
            else if( count < 40 ) index = 3
            else if( count < 80 ) index = 4
            else                  index = 5

            return {
                text  : count,
                index : index

But Dean Edwards' Packer requires you to end every statement with a semicolon. Do I need to manually go back to insert a semicolon or is there another packer that doesn't require a semicolon, then pack it with Dean Edward's Packer?

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I hope you have your asbestos suit on. – Pointy Feb 10 '12 at 3:19
Why in the heck would you write all javascript code without line-ending semi-colons? – jfriend00 Feb 10 '12 at 3:24
You'll save more bandwidth in minifying your code with semi-colons than you will with refusing to add them. JavaScript is not Python, although much of it works similarly. – zzzzBov Feb 10 '12 at 3:24
The solution most likely involves a JS parser; one which could read the semicolon-less code and emit code with semicolons. – Dan D. Feb 10 '12 at 3:25
Skimmed and scanned that "guide", ran across this little gem, "My advice on JSLint: don’t use it. Why would you use it? If you believed that it helps you have less bugs in your code, here’s a newsflash; only people can detect and solve software bugs, not tools. So instead of tools, get more people to look at your code." It is obvious to me that Mislav has completely missed the point of JSLint. JSLint doesn't catch bugs, it's simply a tool to help make them visible. You don't catch ants with a flashlight, but you wont know you have an ant problem in the dark corner of your basement without it – zzzzBov Feb 10 '12 at 3:29
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Closure Compiler doesn't seem to have any issue. However, I would note that neither this nor the Packer are obfuscators. Packer actually has decode functionality built-in, though you need a simple trick to use it.

Even dedicated obfuscation tools are mostly a waste of time. Your code can still be recovered with enough effort.

Finally, I recommend you do use semi-colons. Even that article admits that it caused him a problem several times. I also think the semi-colons do make the return statement problem much more obvious; further, in other languages I do sometimes put a line break there for long returns.

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