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Should I be using passenger in dev to match prod for a ruby on rails project? (as opposed Webrick)

Noting I'll be deploying to dreamhost which uses passenger.

(Also if yes, does it have it's own web-server or do I need to install one?)

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Set up a passenger staging server on your production machine. Use same configuration as pro server.

This has just saved my bacon. A recent upgrade we recently pushed broke application and took me a week to get sorted. Fortunately production server continued to function which we found prob.

Use capistrano multistage to manage the same.

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You don't have to (mostly). But there might be cases where things can go wrong due to the mismatch between production & dev environment. Using staging environment will catch such issues.

If you want to test things like SSL, then webrick wont work. You need apache/nginx(or other web servers) to use passenger. I also noticed that there is no significant difference in the performance between the two options

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for simple rails apps then might be easier to stick to webrick until there is a point I see a need to migrate DEV to passenger (and have to go through an apache install). Any pros/cons re debugging between the options? –  Greg Feb 10 '12 at 3:55
Agreed. A staging server that has the identical environment as the production server is the best way to handle this, imo. –  Tom L Feb 10 '12 at 12:25

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